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Issued: 26/09/2008   

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Mr. Peter Chen The Chairman of Sabina Corporation Limited, Mr. Peter Chen, has announced that his company plans to develop China Trade Centre in Tasmania.
Sabina is an Australian public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and commenced trading in 1988.

The objective of China Trade Centre is to provide a contact point where Chinese companies can seek assistance from a reliable source to help set-up a branch operation in Australia. With the outstanding economic growth that has taken place in China in the past 20 years, Chinese companies are now beginning to expand their business activities overseas. It is in this area that China Trade Centre can provide a range of services such as locating a suitable site to build a factory, trade introduction, obtain government permits, corporate matters, and assist with visa applications & family migration.

Members of China Trade Centre would enjoy various Membership Benefits. You are invited to apply to become a Member. It is advisable for the Chinese companies, especially those without any experience in foreign countries, to start small and in a business environment that has less commercial risks, and at the same time to properly gain a full understanding of the local custom and business culture, which is important for future development and growth. Tasmania is an ideal place to start up a branch office or factory as the start-up costs as much lower than the other capital cities. Tasmania is conveniently located with easy access via regular flights to all capital cities within an hour or so.

Tasmania is a beautiful island state and has modern internet facilities, hospital, schools, shopping, and a very special lifestyle. The founding Chairman, Mr. Peter Chen has been in Australia for over 47 years and developed Australia’s first “China Trade Centre” in Brisbane on 8th August 1988. His vast knowledge and experience in cross-culture business relations would be a great value to Chinese and Australian companies. We look forward to be of service to your enterprise.

P B Chen
Founder & Chairman
China Trade Centre

Media Releases

9.10.08 - Successful Beijing results - Chinese Enterprises Association Joint Venture with Sabina.
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27.9.08 - Mr. Chen has been presented with "The Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award" at the third Chinese Entrepreneurs Summit in the People’s Great Hall in Beijing.
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Message from Beijing, China

On 18th April 2005, the Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. John Howard signed the Free Trade Agreement with the Chinese Premier Jiabao Wen to express the intention of the close co-operation between both countries to achieve mutual benefit. As the next stage of the “open” policy, the Chinese Government has adopted a “go abroad” strategy and as a result more and more Chinese enterprises have gone overseas to join the international competition. It is in this background that China Trade Centre was established to meet the needs.

China Trade Centre would provide a platform for the Chinese enterprises that are looking to invest and establish a business in Tasmania and also to develop a trade bridge between China and Australia. We hope China Trade Centre, with the effort of Mr. Peter Chen, his staff,  and all Chinese and Australians, will develop and grow in strength, and to make China Trade Centre the stepping stone for the Chinese Enterprises  to invest in Tasmania”.

3rd August 2008
Chinese Enterprises Association, Beijing, China 

Chinese Enterprises Association
Joint Venture with Sabina

Mr. Yuanhui Wu, Chairman of Chinese Enterprises Association (“CEA”) and Mr. P B Chen, Chairman of Sabina Corporation LimitedMr. Yuanhui Wu, Chairman of Chinese Enterprises Association (“CEA”) and Mr. P B Chen, Chairman of Sabina Corporation Limited, have on 3rd October, 2008 in Beijing signed a Joint Venture Agreement on a 50/50 basis between the two organisations in China and Australia. The joint venture would involve CEA playing an important role in introducing selected Chinese companies from mainland China to participate in the proposed China Trade Centre and to rent an exhibition booth for their products and services. Most Chinese companies are becoming aware that going offshore is an essential economic diversification if they want to become globally competitive in the coming years. The Directors of the Board are: Mr. P B Chen (Founder & Chairman); Mr. Yuanhui Wu (Vice-Chairman) Mr. R X Yu (Director/Secretary); Mr. Keyu Wang (Director); Mr. R J Huey (Director).

Global Advisory Board

Mr. Chen spoke at the Summit and the interest amongst the overseas Chinese businessmen was very positive. As a result, Mr. Chen has invited a number of the businessmen to join the Global Advisory Board of the China Trade Centre. This would allow members to access an international network of Chinese entrepreneurs in foreign countries. Initial members appointed to the Global Advisory Board are: Mr. Jimmy Royal (New Zealand); Mr. Joe Deng (Canada); Mr. Zhichao Zhang (Japan); Mr Zhenyuan Zhang (China).


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